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Dr Abdul Hafeez Shaikh

Abdul Hafeez Sheikh

Dr Abdul Hafeez Shaikh is an economist of international repute. He was elected member of the Senate of Pakistan and the federal minister for privatisation & investment in early 2003.

Dr Shaikh has over 25-year experience in policymaking and management. During 2000-02 he served in the Sindh government as minister for finance, planning and development.

He has been country head of the World Bank in Saudi Arabia and also led assignments and advised more than 18 countries of Europe, Latin America, Asia and Africa as a senior World Bank official.

Some of these countries include Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, Romania, Czech Republic, Argentina, Bangladesh, Jordan, Qatar, Malta, Botswana, Tanzania and Ghana.

Before joining the World Bank, he worked at Harvard University in Cambridge, Massachusetts. He has a PhD in economics and authored many publications including a book on ‘Argentina’s Privatisation’. He also led the teams for successful privatisation in many countries in the field of telecommunication, electricity, transport, aviation, banking and manufacturing.

Dr Hafeez Shaikh had a highly successful tenure as minister for finance, planning & development in Sindh province. He was the architect of the financial recovery of Sindh, restoring financial discipline and reducing taxes, increasing revenues, paying over Rs20 billion of old bills, clearing the overdraft of the State Bank of Pakistan of Rs11 billion, increasing allocation for poverty alleviation, social sector and development, and enhancing relationship of the Sindh government with international donor agencies.

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