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Pakistan’s physically handicapped allowed duty-free import of cars

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ISLAMABAD: The Pakistan government has allowed custom duty-free import of new cars of 1350cc or less by physically challenged citizens for personal use, the Federal Board of Revenue has announced.


The FBR issued a notification allowing import of such cars for personal use of disabled persons to overcome their disability, subject to fulfilment of criteria and conditions laid down in the policy.

The notification said that at the time of import of car the disabled person must have import authorisation certificate from the commerce ministry. Under the scheme, a disabled person would be allowed to import only one car and it would not be sold or transferred to any person before the expiry of five years from the date of its arrival in Pakistan.

The criteria of eligibility laid down under the Import Order allows a Pakistani national suffering from physical disability (excluding mental retardation and old-age disability) to apply to the board for import a new car of the said capacity.

Cars imported under the scheme would be for personal use of the disabled person and would not be used for commercial purposes and only a brand new car would be imported under the scheme.

The car would bear a special registration number and special colour plates mentioning “Disabled Person Car” provided by the provincial excise and taxation department.


  1. I am disabled person by two feet.I am suffering from Osteoarthritise(Knee joint Pain)

  2. I’m physically disabled

    I need the prescribed form by the ministry of commerce

    Can someone send me a soft copy thru email

    jazak Allah

  3. My name is Akhtar Hussain and i belong to the swat valley.I was struck dwon by a deadly disease know as t b meningitis which left me paralysed with both limbs. I used a wheel chair for my movements. I wish to import a duty free car, but i m not sure as to how to do it. please some guide me and let see the right persons. thank you

  4. i want to import a car under this scheme. can any one tell me how.

  5. my cell# 03009664253

  6. me disable hon or mere pas licens b he, me duty free car imprt karna chahta hon, plz Tareqa batay, 03452223312

  7. One of my cousin is disabled and showing his interest in duty free car. what would be the possible sources and forms to be filled and to be submitted.
    i am going to support monetarily him for the car.


  8. i want to import a new car of vitz 2010 model car for my aunti who is suffering from polio disease.

  9. My contact no. is 03335295911

  10. pl give me the of person who personaly have imported the car.jazakalla

  11. sir , i want to import a vehicle for mine mothers sisters under this scheme, give me info abt it

  12. assalamo Alakum: I m from Pabbi distrct Nowshera and disabled (hard of hearing) person and recently working in a government commission National Commission for Human Development (NCHD) as a Markaz Coordinator MC with having Rs. 15000/- per month salary and also a expert butcher(Qasaai). I also possess PCRDP Form lll and registered with Social Welfare Council Peshawar and having a special NADRA ID Card.
    Can I apply for duty free car schem plz ?

    with best Regards

    Faridullah Shah
    (MC NCHD Nowshera)

    Pabbi Nowshera KPK Pakistan
    Cell # 0321 9755708

  13. we are also working here in pakistan for the betterment of people so if u need any assistance regarding relief activities in pakistan so plz contact us.

  14. aoa.i want to conform that our government give permission to export old there is a facility for disabled person to export second hand or old cars

  15. Hello My Friends,

    In last month of Ramzan my father had a major accident. His car went over a 70 feet high bridge. He got severe spinal cord injuries. Infact his injuries are complete, meaning he is complete disable for rest of his life. His injury is C9.

    Now he would like to import one wheelchair accessible vehical from japan.
    I would be very grateful if someone could guide us how can we import a duty free wheelchair accessible vehical from japan.


    Naeem Tariq

  16. I am a disable person.My right leg is effected by polio in childhood.I am a Govt employee in Pakistan.I want to buy new car.please tell me procedure.

  17. eighteen

  18. fifteen

  19. four

  20. six

  21. sallam to all friends i am sb khan frm abbottabad agar koi disable bhi ho or wo khud car drive karna chata ho to rabta kar sakta hai me usy ese car delwa sakta hon jo k hath sy drive hoti hai 0345 9603053/0331 5743122

  22. sallam to all friends i am sb khan frm abbottabad agar koi disable bhi ho or wo khud car drive karna chata ho to rabta kar sakta hai me usy ese car delwa sakta hon jo k hath sy drive hoti hai 0345 9603053/0331 5743122 thank;s

  23. In my opinion unnecessary terms & conditions have rendered this programme useless. The conditions of brand new cars fitted with special gadgets and of upto 1350cc engine capacity are imposed just to make it sure that no one could avail this facility. For example, prices of brand new cars are exorbitantly high, abroad. Price of brand new Locally assembled corolla is Rs 1450000 but price of toyota Belta (1000cc/1300cc) is $22000 in japan and that of Vitz/ Passo is more than $14000 which are even very high without freight charges and leviable taxe.
    Special gadgets like hand control and mobility seats for vehicles are available in the local markets on very reasonable prices and all necessary modification work could be carried out locally quite easily, whereas, mostly vehicles fitted with special gadgets are of over 1350cc engine capacity and their prices are very high. Ordinary vehicles like corolla are of over 1500cc engine capacity. So in fact these condition have been imposed only to cheat physically challenged people. If the govt really wants to facilitate the special persons, It should remove the above mentioned conditions and all the peoples with disability should be allowed to import duty free cars upto five year old models, with an engine capacity of upto 2500cc and with or without
    fitted special gadgets.

  24. i am special person. i want to the procedure of car scheme by ministry of commerce.if somone infom me i wil be thankful

  25. i totally agree with Masaood Shirazi, coz they do not want the disabled persons to drive cars on the roads of Pakistan, as a person with a disability can’t get a driving license in this country which is the main condition of this notification. however, i m trying to get my car approved from the ministry and after that i’ll try my best to get some relaxation in any condition that apply to us, as i m a disable too but my disability does’t count coz i can drive both manual and auto transmission and have a valid LTV license…
    friends pray if it works, i swear everybody like me would be driving a car…..
    Arshad Sikandar,
    SDO E & M,
    PAF Base Lower Topa, Murree

  26. Slm
    Has anyone figured this out? My son uses an electric power whir and needs a vehicle with a ramp. 1350cc is ridiculous upper limit! He cannot even get into such a small car!

  27. A.O.A can anyone tell me the procedure of geting a car under ministry of commerce given to special persons.

  28. hi i m 3o year old and handicapped by one foot but i can drive car so i need duty free mehran car any person who can help me
    my contact # 03332608625

  29. Im 24 years old, im MBBS final year student, I had a road traffic accident 11 years back when i was only 13 years old. I got spinal cord injurey and my lower limbs below my umblicus are not working(motor and sensery loss both). I want to import the car but I read in the terms and conditions that I must have a valid driving liscense as well as I must be Incom Tax payee. How come that I can have a driving Liscense and Income Tax Payee at the age of 13 ??? What is the solution then ??


    Sahar Raza

  30. Dear All
    Please shoot an e-mail and I’ll provide all info. My

    Thank you.

    Dr Habib Khan, PhD Harvard

  31. i am disable person suffering from Polio disease both legs.. i want to import a new car..

    This scheme is totally useless…i have been through this shit..
    i made all required documents,,
    but totally time wasting..
    kindly don’t waste your precious time on such shit scheme..
    remember its PAKISTAAAN..
    if someone want to know,,you may send me sms 03459700818

  33. i m jahanzaib and i a student of b com and i m disable person and i m tv artist so i need disabled car any body contact me who willl hive car disabled or bike so contact me my detail is also have google bz i m tv artist i have works many channels
    contact me via email

  34. Hi, my name is Lucky From Karachi, but now i’m in london, i wana send my car to pak from UK, can anyone help me with dat..
    cuterizwan1 (on skype)

  35. Disabled people exist in Pakistan the same way they exist in other countries around the world. Yet, disabled people are more ‘visible’ in other parts of the world as compared to Pakistan. In Pakistan, people who are unfortunately bound by immobility have no option but to stay ‘hidden’ and home-bound since they are not facilitated to access venues of social participation.

    It is sad to see that there are no ramp provisions or facilitations for people in Pakistan who might be benefited by riding wheelchairs. In places like England, they have planned cities with the conscious awareness of laying down footpaths next to roads with ramps linking the two. Even their bus systems are designed such that people with wheelchairs can get on and off a bus quite easily.

    On the contrary, in Pakistan, amazingly, there are no ramps for wheelchairs catered by most schools, restaurants, grocery stores, bookshops, mosques, pharmacies, shopping malls, movie theatres, public transport facilities, post offices, and so on, with only a handful of respect-worthy exceptions such as airports, a few universities, and perhaps some elitist socialising clubs. In the absence of ramps, where would the disabled people go?

    Everywhere around the world, concerned public and private institutions should undertake the social responsibility of incorporating permanent or makeshift ramp provisions that could facilitate people with disabilities to participate in social activities.

  36. Salam Frnds i m also disabl one leg effectedby polio i have a automatic car i want ro sale anyone want plz contct 03157072073

  37. Sir , my right leg is paralysed from polio.i want a special car. my assist me
    my contect number.03459332516



    ==>PLZ CONTACT ME AT THIS NO.03036312780<==

  39. Assalam-o-Alikum ,

    Mu name is Mustafa Khan live in Lahore (Punjab Province ) i am disable person and recently working in pharmaceutical company in lahore i want import brand New Car (1350 CC) Automatic from japan Plz Guide me at this matter .
    Can I apply for duty free car schem plz ?

    with best Regards

    Mustafa Khan

  40. its very gud to hear this news.can Govt. of Pakistan provide the list of car n design with r made by japan for disabled person.ur personnel attention in this regard will highley appreciated.thanx

    rafaqat abbas

  41. Nabi Bux Shar

    Assalam-o-Alikum ,

    Mu name isNabi Bux Shar live in Khairpur mirs (Sindh Province ) i am disable person and recently working in Teacher in Govt Midddle School Budhal Khan Shar i want import brand New Car (1350 CC) Automatic from japan Plz Guide me at this matter .
    Can I apply for duty free car schem plz ? plz plz help me

    with best Regards

    Nabi Bux Shar
    Presdent of Sindh Disabled Association Sindh Pakistan

  42. I also want to import an automatic car can any one guide me. My cell # is 03203340232

  43. simply contact commerce ministry for assisstance.

  44. salam my dr.tahsin at dhq.layya.i need to know proedure to apply for this car scheme.can any one help?03338305278

  45. The policy for disable persons is appreciated but if the disable person belongs to poor family , then how he can buy new car , so please modify this policy and allow old model ( at least 5 years old model car) which he can afford , and also allow him to buy a car on easy installments without any extra charges ( duty etc ) inside the country , help mean really help the disable persons.
    looking forward for your kind approval.

    kindly do the needful on urgent basis.
    Regards & Thanks

    M.Tanveer Irshad ( disable person)

  46. I am suffering from Muscular Dystrophy and belong to middle class family I need Electric wheel chair any bady where I can get or import

  47. The scheme is totally shit, i have pass through scheme procedure ,Ministry commerce didn’t want that we disabled people live with comfort.
    No driving licence for disabled .
    Next thing new cars are more expensive in japan ,as compare to Pakistan .
    hahhhhhh disabled car scheme ……….
    Here a disabled person realized that yes I am a disabled person . and I have no right to live with comfort .
    Minister and senators spends billions on vehicle and we disabled? A good question for our leaders.
    zindabad zindabad ministry of commerce.

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