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Technology dims book reading habits in Pakistan

Internews Report

ISLAMABAD: In this fast moving life everybody wants short cuts to achieve ones goals and for this purpose one finds easiest ways and thanks to information technology (IT) that made it possible. With the revolution in IT, book-reading habit is decreasing in Pakistan, as most of the students depend on computer and Internet facility.

Shahid Khan, a lecturer at the Department of Journalism, Allama Iqbal Open University (AIOU) says with the revolution in technology reading habits are changing across the globe. “In our country there was a culture of reading books even if electricity was not available and people had to read books in streetlights or in the candle lights.”

The fact is that libraries have been spending much lower budget on books than in the past, he says. “However now it has been noticed that book reading is becoming obsolete and CD, DVD, and Internet culture is becoming more and more popular,” he added.

Najeeb Ahmed, a National University of Modern Languages student, said: “We cannot blame only digitalized era for this declining trend; there are several other issues including lack of public libraries and writing competitions, lack of encouragement at school level to read books other than course books”.

Israr Ahmed a student said most of the libraries have not the latest books and other material for reading, so students depend on Internet and avoid visiting libraries, adding that concerned authorities should take step in this regard and provide all the latest books to the students.

National Book Foundation (NBF) in this regard is endeavouring to promote book-reading culture in the country.

According to an official of National Book Foundation, their efforts are yielding positive results as the number of readers has increased in the recent years.

For promotion of reading culture in Pakistan NBF has devised few schemes including the book dubs that are considered to be the most popular scheme in Pakistan though not a new phenomenon, reading clubs have proved a breath of fresh air into the dying book culture.


  1. Yes, I am totally agreed with you, that technology dims our reading habits, we have to create awareness about book reading habit specially in Pakistan when our country is at war, and many of our children not able to go school of get any education.

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