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Council formed in Pakistan for research, assistance and certification of ‘Halal’ food

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LAHORE: The Halal Research Council (HRC) has been formed for the promotion of Halal food market in Pakistan through research, counseling and certification with the collaboration of the Chambers of Commerce and Industry, Trade Association of Pakistan and many other international organisations.

The head office of HRC has been established in Lahore and its other braches are working in Karachi and Multan. It has its working strategic partners in South Africa, Malaysia, Kazakhstan and Mauritius.

In spite of being a Muslim state, Pakistan is getting a very small share from the export of Halal food certification. Only Brazil and India have 75 per cent share in export of Halal food of Middle East. Hopefully, with the establishment of Halal food market in Pakistan, the country’s exports would increase rapidly, a spokesman for the council said.

The inauguration ceremony of Halal Research Council was held on July 5 in Lahore. Zubair Mughal, chief executive officer of Halal Research Council, exclaimed on the occasion that the establishment of HRC is a ray of hope for the relevant organisations of Pakistan as through it they would easily jump into in the international market of Halal food.

Mughal said that Pakistan is a state with 97 per cent Muslim population and due to its Muslim leadership, it has a prominent place amongst Muslim world. “Taking an edge of it, we can easily get a desirable export target from one billion and 800 million Muslim population,” he said. “It is to be noted that the volume of Halal food market is about 670 billion US dollars.”

The chief executive officer said that HRC would provide assistance to all the national and international organisations for the better understanding and penetration into the multibillion market and for achieving a desirable target.

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