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ICC unveils logo for next Cricket World Cup in 2015

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ISLAMABAD: As the ICC Cricket World Cup 2011 drew to a close in Mumbai on Saturday, the logo for the ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 to be held in Australia and New Zealand was unveiled as part of a symbolic handover from the successful 2011 hosts to their counterparts four years hence.

According to an ICC release received here on Sunday, the ICC received applications for the design from across the world before awarding it to the international agency, FutureBrand, whose Australian arm was invited to produce the logo for the ICC Cricket World Cup 2015. It in turn commissioned graphic consultancy, the Jumbana Group/Balarinji to create both Australian and New Zealand cultural motifs so as to reflect the two indigenous countries’ cultural identities.

The result has been what ICC Chief Executive Haroon Lorgat describes as “a dynamic logo which captures the cultural influences in the two host countries”.

“The ICC, Cricket Australia and New Zealand Cricket have all worked together with the consultancies to produce this beautiful logo. On the back of a hugely successful ICC Cricket World Cup 2011, I am sure that it will gain recognition over the next four years as we use it in promotional, marketing and partner activations,” he added.

The consultancies were asked to convey the cultures of both countries in a positive and harmonious way and also to expresses a feeling of celebration and unity in the graphics.

Each element of the logo contributes to building the story of the ICC’s flagship event featuring the best players in the world competing for The Cup That Counts.

The selected motifs are:

  • Maori Tohora symbolizing toughness, pride and tribal culture;
  • Aboriginal journey tracks symbolising spirit of the land;
  • Balarinji based the motifs on interpretations of FutureBrand’s creative brief signifying toughness, glory, resilience, connection and belonging.

Cricket Australia’s Chief Executive James Sutherland said: “This really brings it home to people in Australia and New Zealand that the countdown to the ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 has started. We have four years of hard work ahead of us but I am certain that we can match the very high standards set by the ICC Cricket World Cup 2011. I know that cricket lovers in Australia and New Zealand will be looking forward to welcoming the teams, staff, administrators, media and supporters of all the competing nations to our shores.”

New Zealand Cricket’s Chief Executive Justin Vaughan added: “Hosting an ICC Cricket World Cup is a great honour as well as a great challenge but we are sure both New Zealand and Australia are up to that challenge. This is a very exciting time for cricket in our countries and for all of us it presents a wonderful opportunity not only to showcase our cricket but also our countries and their people whose heritage and cultures are represented in this logo.”


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