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Changes to UK’s Tier 4 student visa route become effective

Maverick Report

ISLAMABAD: Designed to reduce the abuse of the UK’s student immigration system by those seeking primarily to work and also to protect legitimate students from being misled by questionable institutions, the changes to the UK’s Tier 4 student visa route became effective on Thursday (April 21).

According to a press release issued by the UK High Commission here, as part of the changes those coming to study at degree level will have to speak English at an upper intermediate level. It is important that students are aware of the new requirement.

If a student is called in to attend an interview and cannot show that their English language ability is at the required standard, or the student refuses to attend the interview, their application will be refused.

It is important that a student coming to the UK to study can speak good English. This will ensure students get the most out of their course and will help them integrate into the wider community.

The UK recognises the important contribution Pakistani students make to the UK and we want to encourage genuine students to come to the UK to study.

To ensure that applications are processed as quickly as possible we ask that students carefully follow the appropriate guidance filling out the application form fully and supplying all the relevant information, the release concluded.


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