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Stood tall and delivered, again

Anusha Rahman Khan Advocate On March 17, 2009, the ‘Washington Post’ wrote: “The government on Monday agreed to reinstate Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry, the deposed chief justice of Pakistan’s Supreme Court, ... Read More »

70% Pakistanis think permits, licences can be acquired only through bribe or ‘source’

Maverick Report ISLAMABAD: More than two-third Pakistanis (70 per cent) think that permits and licences can be acquired only through bribing an official or by using a personal contact while ... Read More »

Majority of Pakistanis consider health and family more important than wealth

Maverick Report ISLAMABAD: An overwhelming majority of Pakistanis (82 per cent) say they consider their health and family to be more important than wealth which is considered most important by ... Read More »

End secrecy laws

Yvonne Ridley Well the tabloid media is going to have a real feeding frenzy over the next few days after international soccer star Ryan Giggs was dramatically revealed as the ... Read More »

Obama’s hollow victory

Yvonne Ridley It was such a seismic event that, like many people of her generation, my mother’s point of reference for most things is the Second World War. And while ... Read More »

9-year-old Pakistani girl driving rickshaw to earn livelihood

Javed Aziz Khan A nine-year-old girl from Tangi town in Charsadda district of Pakistan’s Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province has set a new trend in the country by becoming a driver to ... Read More »

Important decisions: 61% Pakistanis turn to family members for advice

Maverick Report ISLAMABAD: As many as 61 per cent Pakistanis turn to their family members when they need advice before making an important decision, a recent Gilani Poll conducted by ... Read More »

Porn in the USA

Yvonne Ridley I wonder what the US administration makes of the idiom that includes the words pot, kettle and black. The reason for this recent musing comes from revelations that ... Read More »

Attack on Abbottabad House: New Revelations

General (Retd) Mirza Aslam Beg From the cool comfort of the White House, US President Barack Obama watched the drama of raid on the house in Abbottabad. This was a ... Read More »

Teachers ‘most’, policemen ‘least’ trusted professionals in Pakistan: study

Maverick Report ISLAMABAD: From a given list of professionals, Pakistanis place the highest level of trust in teachers (85 per cent) and the lowest in police officers (18 per cent), ... Read More »

Pakistan’s largest province decides to turn down US grants

Internews Report LAHORE: The government of Pakistan largest province has decided to turn down a $223 million (Rs19.08 billion) grant available from the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) ... Read More »

Ghost of Osama haunting administration of Pakistan capital

Internews Report ISLAMABAD: After months of relative calm, the fear of terrorist attacks has returned haunting the Pakistani capital city of Islamabad in the wake of America’s triumph in hunting ... Read More »