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Nadra urges Pakistanis to get their identity cards renewed

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ISLAMABAD: The National Database and Registration Authority (Nadra) has urged all Pakistani citizens to have their expired computerised national identity cards renewed immediately to avoid any inconvenience in legal, financial and other matters where a valid identity card is compulsory.

According to a statement issued by Nadra, more than nine million computerised identity cards have expired till date. Renewal has become a must to avoid any inconvenience.

The expired cards are automatically blocked by the system and cannot be used for any transactions relating to purchase, sale, transfer of property, opening or operation of bank accounts, foreign travel and many other activities that require identification of an individual, require possession of a valid computerised identity card. Moreover, machine-readable passport could not be obtained or processed because of expired computerised identity card.

Nadra Deputy Chairman Tariq Malik said that after expiry of identity cards, the holders would not be able to avail any facility that requires irrevocable proof of their identification. He said that the National Database and Registration Authority (National Identity Card) Rules, 2002, Rule 12 Sub-Rule (1) emphasises: “A citizen shall, at any time but not later than one month after the date of expiry or early termination of validity period of his existing card, apply for registration afresh under the regulations and a new card may be issued by the authority subject to fulfilment of applicable criteria and formalities and payment of the prescribed fee, if any.”

He said that Nadra has instructed all its centres and staff across the country to facilitate applicants for renewal on priority basis while Nadra would facilitate the applications even 90 days before the expiry date on the card to keep convenience of the public at the forefront. He made it clear that no documentary proof, except original computerised national identity card with expiry date, is required from applicants who are applying for renewal of an identity card. He said that no attestation is required for renewal cases.

Applicant is issued a computerised national identity card with his/her latest information and extended expiry date. If an applicant gets his/her computerised national identity renewed at an age of 56, his/her identity card is declared valid for lifetime.

Explaining the need for renewal of an identity card, Tariq Malik said, status of an individual undergoes through various stages, for example, from childhood to adult, single to married, student to working individual, etc, and expiry date, therefore, facilitates in gathering fresh and updated information of the citizens, which further aids government in effective planning. He said that demographic data of citizens is vital for analysis and planning for overall betterment of the country, which needs to be updated so that various development projects can efficiently be designed and executed.

The Nadra deputy chairman said that renewal of a computerised national identity card also facilitates capturing of applicants’ data as per new technology and procedures, e.g. currently capturing of 10 finger/thumb impressions instead of four and two finger/impressions as done in previous years. He said that the expiry date on a computerised national identity card is especially mentioned to ensure that the data of each individual is regularly updated. Identity cards’ renewal protects citizens and their data updates protect them against identity theft.

Tariq Malik said in wake of growing forgery and misuse in other personal documents, it is the need of the hour to get expired identity cards renewed. He said menace of bogus identity card could be wiped out by updating personal biometric details in the national database. He said the data update helps citizens and government alike. Quoting the example of flood victims, he said the national database helped the government disburse funds to the victims of the calamity-hit areas. Database update helps the government to plan projects and use the same for good governance so the people need to get their identity cards renewed after their expiry.

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  1. sind Nadra has not renewing ID card of pashton

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