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Four more books by former Afghan PM Hekmatyar launched

Nisar Mahmood

PESHAWAR: Four more books of former Afghan prime minister and chief of Hezb-e-Islami Afghanistan, Gulbuddin Hekmatyar, were launched here on Thursday.

The number of books authored by him now total 79. Hekmatyar, it may be added, has been declared by the US, which has been trying to capture or kill him in Afghanistan. All the four books, ‘Da Qura’n Palwashe’, ‘Hekmatul Bari’, ‘Mutazad Rawayaat au Mazhabi Ikhtilafat’ and ‘Science au da Qura’n Elmi Ijaz’ are written in Pashto, the mother tongue of the author.

Addressing the launching ceremony, Qutbuddin Helal, Ustad Ali Ansari, Maulvi Mahmood Shah, Dr Abdul Samad, Mahmoodul Hassan and Dr Qazi Muhammad Hakim termed Hekmatyar’s contribution a great service to literature and said that despite other pressing engagements including fighting against the US-led occupation forces the Hezb-i-Islami head did not abandon writing and reading books.

Maulvi Mahmood, while commenting on the book Mutazad Rawayaat au Mazhabi Ikhtilafat (Controversial Traditions and Religious Differences), said it was manifestation of the author’s study of Islam and other religions and his love for the Prophet Mohammad (peace be upon him). He said the author had proved with arguments that for a Muslim the respect for other religions and divine books was mandatory. Besides, he said the writer showed that disrespect of Islam and the holy Qura’n by other was intolerable.

Presenting a review of the book, Science au da Qura’n Elmi Ijaz, Dr Samad said the author had very minutely shed light on the scientific developments and inventions in the light of Qura’n. He felt it showed the author’s knowledge of the holy book and science and technology.

In his review of the other book Hikmatul Bari, Qari Mahmoodul Hassan said Hekmatyar’s translation of the Hadith book Bukhari Sharif was a great contribution that would help readers in understanding the most authentic sayings of the Holy Prophet. He said the semi-literate people knowing Pashto could also benefit from the book.

Dr Qazi Mohammad Hakim said regarding the book, Da Qura’n Palwashe, (fourth edition), that in many surahs of the Holy Qura’n have been discussed Addressing the function, the Hezb-i-Islami leader Qutbuddin Helal said Hekmatyar wrote the newly launched four books during the last 10 years when he was constantly travelling and moving from place to place in Afghanistan due to his guerrilla war against the occupation forces.

He said the mujahideen leader was both fighting against the allied forces and contributing books despite the tense situation. He claimed Hekmatyar while fighting the Soviet forces compelled the then superpower to withdraw from Afghanistan and now he was fighting against the US and allied forces and many times narrowly escaped deadly attacks.

“It was his due to his courage and hard work that he continued writing and reading along with fighting, which deserve appreciation,” he added.
He said though there were many books and translations of the Holy Qura’n and Hadith books, Hekmatyar’s contribution would be a valuable new addition and service to the cause of Islam. He said critics had the right to pinpoint shortcomings, if any, in the books but criticism should not be based on prejudice

He said the author wrote the books in Pashto not because it was his mother tongue but due to the fact that such writing in Pashto were rare and he wanted to provide an opportunity to the less educated people to get knowledge of religion and basic tenets of Islam.

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