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General Kayani to retire as Pakistan Army chief on Nov 29

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general_ashfaq_parvez_kayaniRAWALPINDI: Pakistan’s Chief of Army Staff General Ashfaq Parvez Kayani announced here on Sunday that he will retire from service on November 29, 2013.

A press release issued by Inter Services Public Relations (ISPR) Directorate said that responding to the media reports about his future, General Ashfaq Parvez Kayani said: “For quite some time my current responsibilities and likely future plans have been debated in the media with all sorts of rumors and speculations doing the rounds. The subject of being entrusted with new duties has also come up in several reports.

“I am grateful to the political leadership and the nation for reposing their trust in me and Pakistan Army at this important juncture of our national history. However, I share the general opinion that institutions and traditions are stronger than individuals and must take precedence.

“As I complete my tenure the will of the people has taken root and a constitutional order is in place. The armed forces of Pakistan fully support and want to strengthen this democratic order. Pakistan Army has made its contribution towards this desired end with complete clarity of mind and a comprehensive understanding of the trajectory Pakistan needs to take. They have also proven, on countless occasions, through their priceless sacrifices that the defense and prosperity of Pakistan is their highest priority.

“I have served this great nation and had the privilege of commanding the finest Army of the world for six years to the best of my abilities and with the sincerest of my intentions. It is time for others to carry forward the mission of making Pakistan a truly democratic, prosperous and peaceful country that embodies the finest dreams our founding fathers had envisaged for us. My tenure ends on 29th November 2013. On that day I will retire. May the Almighty Allah help and guide us all.”


Meanwhile, General Ashfaq Parvez Kayani witnessed the army field exercise, ‘Azm-e-Nau 4’ in the desert close to Hyderabad. Last army exercise, ‘Azme-e-Nau 3’ was held in 2010. While talking to the participating troops, General Kayani appreciated the highest standard of training and professionalism displayed by them during the manoeuvers.


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