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A South Asian country with a population of about 170 million, Pakistan has the distinction of being the first and sole nuclear power among the Islamic states. Because of its geo-strategic location, Pakistan is an important player in the world affairs and has been in the world focus for the past three decades since Soviet invasion of Afghanistan towards the end of 1979.

As the global political scene took a new shape with the September 11, 2001 attack on the World Trade Centre in New York, Pakistan, under military ruler General Pervez Musharraf, was made to play the role of a frontline state in the US war on terror and has since been the special focus of the world attention, particularly of the West.

Having a diverse and rich cultural heritage, Pakistanis are a wonderful, vibrant nation full of natural talent in all spheres of life and have excelled in various fields on the global landscape. A large number of Pakistanis are working in several countries of the world and have proven their competence in a variety of fields.

Keeping in view the importance of the country and knacks of its people, we, a group of senior journalists, IT professionals and social workers, decided to introduce the Pakistani nation to the global audience as well as the young generation at home. For highlighting the maverick nature of Pakistani people, we chose the medium of Internet because it is the most popular, powerful and latest medium of information gathering and dissemination in this age of information technology. Moreover, it is also an open secret that today’s world is more inclined to the Internet to access the information than any other source.

Our objective to introduce the Pakistani nation is to enable the international community learn about and understand the global political scene in Pakistani perspective. Through the, people will not only be able to learn about the Pakistani people but they will also know about the rapidly changing regional situation as well as cultural heritage and social values of Pakistani nation.

In addition to the news reports and articles, the visitors of will also feature unique pictures, literature and music, etc. The site will also provide a platform to its visitors to search for profiles of Pakistani political, business and religious leaders.

As the feedback from visitors plays an important role in the improvement of contents as well as different features of any website, the comments, suggestions and critical reviews from our valued visitors will be highly appreciated and given due importance while making additions or any other changes in the website.


  1. the mission of this website is very good and we need to prove all over the nation in world that pakistani are a good citizen

    as well as our every young educated person aims to give or help in providing an education to our brother and sister whose cannot afford education

    and one more thing i want to give message, our nation and especially our youngster, to keep passion in life

  2. Very good
    And best of luck

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