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71% people want Pakistan not to participate in US war on terror


Maverick Report ISLAMABAD: Nearly two-thirds of people (71 percent) think that Pakistan should not cooperate with the United States in the war against terror, a latest survey has revealed. In ... Read More »

International Literacy Day: $160m Pakistan Reading Project unveiled


Maverick Report ISLAMABAD: The United States has announced the launch of the Pakistan Reading Project to boost the reading skills of 3.2 million Pakistani children. According to a press release, ... Read More »

Conspiracy behind coup in Egypt


General (Retd) Mirza Aslam Beg The “evil nexus of three As and O” struck Egypt and overthrew the elected government of President Mohamed Morsi. We in Pakistan have had suffered ... Read More »

New PM outlines Pakistan’s foreign policy priorities

A file photo of Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif.

Maverick Report ISLAMABAD: Pakistan’s newly-elected Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif on Thursday outlined the priorities of his government’s foreign policy, stressing immediate attention on the neighboring countries. In a message for ... Read More »

Top court wants mandatory voting in Pakistan


Maverick Report ISLAMABAD: The Supreme Court of Pakistan on Wednesday declared that it would be commendable if the government made voting mandatory for all those eligible, media reports said. Hearing ... Read More »

Rising piracy in Gulf of Guinea demands effective security: ICG

Maverick Report ISLAMABAD: Rising piracy in the Gulf of Guinea, which supplies around 40 percent of oil to Europe and 29 percent to the United States, demands effective regional security ... Read More »

Egypt and the strategic balance

George Friedman Immediately following the declaration of a ceasefire in Gaza, Egypt was plunged into a massive domestic crisis. Mohammed Morsi, elected in the first presidential election after the fall of Hosni Mubarak, ... Read More »

Maternity protection: Not just a personal issue

Woman consulting pregnant woman

ILO News Feature Six months into her pregnancy, it was becoming increasingly difficult for Liani (not real name) to endure hours of standing at her production line job in a ... Read More »

United States reinforces long-term pledge to education advancement in Pakistan

Maverick Report MANSEHRA: The United States reinforced its long-term commitment to advancing education in Pakistan at the groundbreaking for a new $1.5 million Faculty of Education building at Hazara University ... Read More »

Pakistani police outpaced by criminal, terror networks: report

Maverick Report ISLAMABAD: A report by the Asia Society Independent Commission on Pakistan Police Reform has found that Pakistan’s efforts to combat crime and counterterrorism activities are being outpaced by ... Read More »

Pakistanis believe in hard work for material success: survey

Internews Report KARACHI: No matter what the prophets of doom say in nightly news shows on TV day in day out, an overwhelming majority of Pakistanis still believes that hard ... Read More »

Dyed, dried and supplied: A date’s journey from a tree to plate

Internews Feature ISLAMABAD: While some may snack on a jar of Nutella and swear that there is nothing better to satisfy a sweet tooth, many people from rural areas of ... Read More »